Hawaii Detox Week

Posted on August 23rd, 2012

Due to the incredible response to the Hamptons Detox Weeks, we wanted to pick a location for the next Detox Week where the most people from around the world could have an equal chance to visit. Introducing our 2013 Hawaii Detox Week in Maui featuring Tracy, Maria, and Stacey! An equal flight from Los Angeles or Tokyo (and not too far from Sydney!), these detox weeks will be at Lumeria Maui, Hawaii’s newest luxury retreat center! We have found the perfect fit on this six acre sanctuary that has elegantly appointed guest rooms, lush tropical landscapes, organic gardens, and peaceful areas throughout the property. Included in this detox week purchase is a spot at this gorgeous retreat, your daily workout, food, lectures, and a complimentary spa service.

2013 Hawaii Detox Week in Maui

March 23 – March 30

Chef Ben Diamond will be preparing the food, with a majority of the ingredients sourced from Lumeria’s own organic gardens! Chef Diamond studied at the New England Culinary Institute and is professionally trained in many cooking styles including vegan and raw. We will use Lumeria’s spa for relaxation and pampering, and we have many off-site excursions planned so that we can explore Maui’s natural beauty together! As the guest rooms at Lumeria Maui are quite large and can easily accomodate 2 people, we have two different tiers available for purchase. The first is for a room by yourself and the second is to share a room with a friend! Please email to specify who you will be sharing a room with during your stay.

More information on Lumeria Maui is available at

These detox weeks mean a lot to me because it gives me the chance to give you more time with me, in a wonderful and natural setting. Experiencing my fourteen years of research and development of my method that can truly be a life changing tool that constantly supports you being your best you! We look forward to welcoming you to Maui! Please email if you have any questions.

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