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Post Pregnancy 2

As you probably know all too well, pregnancy is all about relinquishing control of your body, which—though miraculous!—can be challenging both physically and emotionally.  This process doesn’t stop at labor: In the weeks after childbirth, you will likely feel weak, and very disconnected from your body as your internal organs begin to return to their original locations. 

Filmed in real-time just 11 weeks after I gave birth to my daughter, Penelope, this Tracy Anderson Method program is different than any other DVDs on the shelves: For one, it’s very gentle, and designed to help you gradually build strength and stamina as you reconnect with your core. But I’d by lying if I didn’t say it’s also effective: Just as your body released loads of the hormone to help you expand as your baby grew, you can harness the hormonal surges you’re going to experience post-pregnancy to help you attain and shape your best body ever.